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Annie Jullien Pannelay


Aurore Babel

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Gregory Simon

Vice President - Social networks

Olivia Verbrugghe

Vice President - Events

Our Mission

Developing and maintaining a network – ESSEC Alumni and ESSEC students, through the organization of networking events
Facilitating the hiring of ESSEC alumni in local corporations
Assisting in the orientation and integration of ESSEC newcomers in the UK
Represent the ESSEC group with local institutions

The Alumni Association is dedicated to the promotion of professional development and building a strong network among 30,000 alumni around the world. It provides a wide range of opportunities, services and resources, including local chapter activities, special alumni events, continuing education programs, alumni career services, international conferences, alumni contact information, reunion programs, student/alumni programs and access to the alumni online directory.


The ESSEC Alumni Association is a non-profit organization (association 1901) that serves the interests of ESSEC and the alumni community in France and abroad. Our goals are:

  • To foster rewarding relationships and exchanges within the alumni community,
  • To nurture close ties between ESSEC and alumni,
  • To help ESSEC outreach to the community, notably through interviewing and scholarship funding

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